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Culture in Medicine and Healthcare

In-House Vaccination Programme Shirley Avenue/Cheviot Road Surgery

In-house COVID vaccination programme is running to help deliver vaccines from practice sites and it is complementary to the main vaccination programme being run by Primary Care Network (PCN) West Southampton. We are, therefore, able to offer vaccines when there is additional supply available for us to use. Please note that due to practical reasons we can only manage availability and rota for In-House Vaccination plans - Adelaide Health Centre clinics are managed by PCN team, therefore, please contact Dr Grant or your contact within PCN team.

The purpose of this online platform is to bring together all the necessary information we need to deliver vaccines successfully from our sites.

General Information:

  1. Please submit your availability using this link
  2. Please view active rota using this link
  3. Pinnacle link -

Relevant Information for Vaccinators:

  1. Lead Clinician's Role Description
  2. Submit your lateral flow test result:
  3. Video instructions on how to take lateral flow test - use this link to download written instruction in pdf format
  4. Screening Questionnaire - please add site of injection if using this questionnaire.

Training and preparations:

I hope you have completed your training modules to learn about vaccines mainly AZ and management of anaphylaxis. Useful learning resources are provided as follows: